G-25 Desalting Spin Columns Geri

  • Rapid buffer exchange for protein samples

    • Fast protocol – buffer exchange or salt removal complete in less than 10 minutes

    • Convenient – pre-made single-use columns

    • Performance – high desalting capacity

    • Versatile – may be used for multiple applications including desalting, buffer exchange, and removal of free dye or any compound with molecular weight below 5000


    Advansta's G-25 Desalting Spin Columns are single-use columns for size-exclusion chromatography. Easily remove salts from protein samples or carry out buffer exchange. Quickly remove free dye or unbound radioactive label from labeling reactions. Each spin column has a 0.6-mL bed volume, capable of desalting a sample with a volume between 50 and 180 µL.

    Each G-25 Desalting Spin Columns include 5 spin columns and 5 collection tubes.