Transfer Membranlar覺 Geri

  • Convenient nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes for Western blotting

    • Performance – quality controlled for background-free Western blots

    • Convenience – membranes available pre-cut and as rolls

    • High signal-to-noise ratio – low background signal for clearer results

    • Flexibility – choose the right membrane for your Western blotting application

    Membrane Options:

    WesternBright PVDF-FL: fluorescent detection
    WesternBright PVDF-CL: chemiluminescent detection; best stability for stripping and re-probing chemiluminescent blots
    PVDF membranes available as rolls or pre-cut (7x9 cm, 10x15 cm, or 13x18 cm)

    WesternBright NC: all-purpose nitrocellulose membrane
    Nitrocellulose membranes available as rolls or pre-cut (8x10 cm)


    Advansta offers a large selection of nitrocellulose and polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) transfer membranes for immunoblotting applications. Choose from convenient pre-cut membranes sized for protein minigels and economical membrane rolls. All membranes are optimized for compatibility with a wide range of protein stains and enzyme-based detection systems, specifically with chemiluminescent substrates.

    The WesternBright PVDF membranes provide durability and high tensile strength for ease of handling. Advansta offers PVDF membranes appropriate for chemiluminescent detection (PVDF-CL) and low-autofluorescence PVDF membranes (PVDF-FL) perfect for fluorescent detection.

    The WesternBright nitrocellulose membranes are pure nitrocellulose media that has high binding capacity for proteins. These nitrocellulose membranes are stronger and more durable than other nitrocellulose membranes, and will not rip, tear, or crack during transfers. The nature of this material yields sharper images with little or no distortion.

    Pre-cut membranes are compatible with gels 10 x 10 cm and smaller, including:

    Manufacturer Product Name
    Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra system, Mini-PROTEAN and Ready Gel® precast gels
    GE Healthcare miniVE system, Hoefer™ SE 250 and SE 260 Mighty Small II systems
    Invitrogen NuPAGE® Novex® and Novex ZOOM® precast gels, XCell6™ MultiGel system, XCell Surelock™ system
    Pierce Precise™ Protein Gels
    Thermo Electron EC120 Mini Vertical Gel System